Drawing Production

Central Park Penthouse

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Drawing Production

Telluride Ski Villa

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High Quality Drawing Production for Architects and Designers

Making top quality drawings for architects and designers is the priority here at Miller Enterprises. Our specialty is producing clear efficient two dimensional construction documents for architecture projects; so you can more easily get your building permit. Producing many other types of drafting such as three dimensional drawings, renderings, and schematic drawings , we even handle construction administration.

Based in New York City, our primary sector is luxury residential projects. We have also completed high end residential projects in Colorado, Florida, California, and Illinois; and actually got started doing construction drawings for big commercial projects like TV stations and airport terminals.

Our mission is to make clear accurate drawings. The intent is to precisely communicate. The secondary intent is to impress. We make drawings that impress your clients, get more appreciation from plan examiners, and more respect from the construction crew.


"We couldn't have done it without you."

- Bob Bischoff, Robert Bischoff Architect. New York.


"Your company has allowed us to complete these projects on time and on budget. Thank you."

- Ron Frazier, Ronald E. Frazier and Associates, Architects. Miami


"There is a definite need for your service"

- Dan Taylor, Daniel Taylor and Associates, Architects. Chicago



Focus on your talents

1Busy design professionals need not waste time mastering constantly changing drafting software.

present top quality

2We specialize in high quality drafting and easy to understand drawings. Get your building permits quicker; impress clients and builders.

reduce your overhead

3Staff = liability + payroll cost + taxes + space + equipment + software + bottled water

Outsource = billable expense 

get more done

4We work with your firm to achieve the goal of a finished set of your drawings. We allow you to keep your focus on design and off production of drawings. We are fast, accurate and responsive.