How To Outsource Architectural Drawing for Fun and Profit.

How To Get Drawings Made For You, for Fun and Profit.

The best designers know the value of excellent presentation. Designers who provide clear concise properly detailed drawings will sell their project to a client easier, get respect from architectural consultants, and get more cooperation and better quality from the builders. For architectural renovations or even a simple furniture layout, good CAD drawings earn more respect for the designer and more profit.

The designer’s job is to design, not to keep abreast of the changes to the latest CAD program; or to be a practicing master of computer aided drafting. The wise designer will take the most efficient route to get drawings made by outsourcing the CAD work to a professional drawing production company. This saves time, saves money for the client, provides a better quality result, and earns more profit for the designer.

A professional draftsperson can accompany you to the site and make a proper survey. This will then be translated into very accurate existing condition drawings, on which you can confidently begin your creation. With top quality drawings accurately delineating existing conditions the designer can design better and faster.

New ideas, the designer’s quick sketches, notes, and hand drawings can be faxed or scanned and emailed to the drawing production company to be quickly incorporated into the presentably perfected drawings.

A good draftsperson can compose a drawing so that the important information is easy to grasp, all legal obligations are covered, proper industry standards are adhered to, and with a touch of flair can make graphically beautiful construction documents.

We all know communicating designs to a client can sometimes be difficult. Not all people have a well practiced mind which can easily visualize the volume and feel of three dimensional space. Presenting accurate and clear professional CAD drawings to a client can help them see a project. They will be happy to follow your vision.

Often projects will require other professions like plumbers, architects, and electricians to become involved. They will be using the designer’s drawings to make their consultations. It is well known in their circles that they often deride and scoff at interior designers. It may be a bit of professional jealousy from the designer having the most control and highest pay of a project. Whatever the reason for their attitude, much of it can be eliminated by providing them with top quality drawings which cannot be criticized. When they are impressed with clear concise drawings they can be much more helpful.

Getting the proper help from builders can also be a pain sometimes. When encountering a part of the design slightly unclear to them, they will usually build it the easiest way rather than the best way. Having your drawings produced by a company with building experience can speak to the builder so he can understand.

Outsourcing drawing production is very time efficient as well. A client expects the designer to be spending billable hours designing. Producing drawings can take hours of laborious noodling. While you may be the world’s fastest drafter, a professional drawing production company will undoubtedly use less time.

Then when it comes time to bill your client, your invoice will show where money was saved by using the lower hourly rate of the drawing company. If you must, you can show what the price could have been by multiplying the drawing hours by your higher fee. Additionally, you will be making a nice profit on this item; you should be marking up expenses and services like this before you put them on the bill. This service is often marked up one hundred percent.

You can present a lower bill to your client and make more profit on the project by outsourcing your drawing needs.

Creating clear concise architectural drawings is a time-consuming laborious expensive process. Designers need to keep their focus on designing. Excellent drawings earn a designer more respect and convey the vision of the project more clearly. It is easy, efficient, and profitable to have top quality CAD drawings made for you.